What is the job role of a maintenance engineer?

A maintenance engineer is usually responsible for the maintenance and development of machinery in an industrial or manufacturing environment. Some computer operated and electronic machinery will also fall into this category. Maintenance engineers also ensure that all the procedures are carried out safely. This includes handling emergency breakdowns when necessary.

Responsibilities and Roles
A maintenance engineer is in charge of repairing, monitoring and ensuring that the appropriate machinery is in efficient working condition. This includes regular inspections and installations of new machinery. They also develop or improve health and safety measures that are needed. Often times they will work with specialized machinery and tools that require thorough training and will need to be handled safely. The nature of their work will depend on what industry they are working in such as processing and manufacturing of products, or even developing and improving the manufacturing process itself.

What Are The Necessary Qualifications?
A degree qualification may not be required and college level certifications would be enough. Generally a BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) in manufacturing, electrical, mechanical or production engineering is required. Some employers provide training programs and apprenticeships for most entry or middle level positions. Someone who starts as an apprentice or as an entry level technician can even gain qualifications to become a maintenance engineer, since work experience is very important in this line of field. Good mathematical, technical, verbal and written skills are also required including general computer skills.

Employers and Work Environment
Maintenance engineers generally work in plants, factories and industrial or even building sites. Some machinery that is continuously working 24 hours a day or that is very important to the production process will often require maintenance staff to be on-call anytime. Maintenance engineers can work in different fields like IT, automotive, medical and consultant engineering depending on what they are specialised in. After getting qualified and with sufficient work experience, some maintenance engineers can choose freelancing or independent contracting

Career Growth
By improving work skills and gaining more qualifications, maintenance engineers can move to higher positions such as a technical expert or a maintenance manager. New technology and machinery are constantly being developed so there will always be new knowledge and skills to be gained. It depends on how someone wishes to further their career position through skills and ambition. Before choosing an employer, find out more about the companies beforehand to have an idea of how they ensure employee improvement and growth. A good company will always try to keep talented, skilled workers in the organisation by making sure of their development and progress.

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