How to keep your roof intact

Is your roof being mean and leaky? Well, don’t get too bothered about it. The last thing you need is to end up in the hospital because you aren’t thinking straight and you try to rush to the top of your home to inspect and fix it.

Safety is the most important thing for anyone, including you. You are not invincible. If it is raining and you discover that your roof is leaking, your first instinct may be to get the ladder out and go up there in that same moment. Fooling around on a sloped rooftop during rain is a recipe for disaster. If you have a death wish, or if you are simply someone who is a fan of the emergency room at your local hospital, this type of bad decision is right for you!

Always take the right precautions

In areas like Adelaide roofing is done with style, and this style is usually slanted. This means that when you get up there to do your thing and inspect it for leaks, you are going to have to be cramped in positions that are awkward for any human to stand in. It is very easy indeed to slip, lose balance and fall off, especially on roofing tiles and other smooth surfaces.

Make sure that you wear shoes with rubber soles and a good set of treads when you climb onto your roof. This means you will have a lot more grip while you work, and you won’t have to worry about slipping off and going into the afterlife early. If you can, use a harness for extra protection. Working with a friend or a family member who knows what you are up to is a good idea too.

Spray and pray you find the leak

The good thing about Adelaide roofing methods is that it is easy enough to find leaks. All you need to do is take your garden hose up there with you. Spray the top of the roof with the hose and you will soon see where the leak is. If it is the dead of winter and you are out there on the roof, don’t be an idiot and spray water on it.

It is going to freeze up, causing you to slip on ice and have a rather nasty set of broken limbs. During any other seasons, just spray the general area of the leak with water from your hose. Have someone downstairs checking to see where the water comes out from.

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