Dealing With Those Tyre and Skid Marks

Have you lately been concerned with the number of tyre marks all over your driveway? Especially if you have just paved the driveway, you may be a little upset about those annoying scuffs and marks all over the place.

A fresh new driveway is inevitably going to see a lot of marks from footwear and tyres, but you do not have much cause for worry. This is quite normal, and what you might not know is that most of these marks will fade after some time.

Of course, there are certain factors that can cause these marks, which you should be aware of if you want to avoid permanent damage. So, if you do not want to keep calling companies for asphalt repairs Melbourne, read ahead to learn about those tyre and skid marks.

Environment and Temperature

Depending on what time of year you paved the driveway, you may find more marks caused by tyre treads. If the weather is warm during the paving process, a freshly laid driveway will cool much more slowly than in cooler weather. A softer surface is more likely to suffer from scuffing and damage. If you are ever going to repave, you can always ask the asphalt services Melbourne to give you a time frame for how long to avoid using the driveway. That way, you will minimise this kind of damage.


As mentioned, softer surfaces are more likely to get damaged, but aside from doing the paving job in cooler months, you cannot avoid all scuffing with a brand new driveway. The marks, however, should fade as the surface gets harder, which only happens with age. However, the older the driveway, the more likely there will be cracks.

Heavy Vehicles

If you have multiple vehicles or a particularly heavy truck, jeep, or SUV, you will find that your new driveway is more scuffed up than most. Try to avoid sudden braking and turning the wheels while the vehicle is still parked.

Tyre Treads

The treads you have will also make a huge difference. If you have big tyres or sharper tyre treads, you will have more damage than with most standard tyres. If you have an off-road vehicle, your tyres will definitely cause some chaos. You cannot change your vehicle just to avoid scuffmarks, of course, but it is helpful to know what does and does not do damage to your new driveway.

Sealcoating and aggregates also have varying levels of damage that can be taken, so you need to know what types of paving have been used too. Seal coated driveways are easier to damage. However, in general, you do not need to worry about those scuffmarks if your driveway is fresh. It won’t be long before they disappear.