Dangers of a construction site

Constructions sites are one of the most dangerous work environments to be in. This is so as any construction site is a very busy place with lots of people running around tending to various tasks. This is also a job that provides a livelihood for millions of workers around the world. So if you do work in one you need to be extra careful as safety is very important. For one must always ensure that you are wearing the proper safety gear like hard hats for instance. This is very useful for protecting you against falling debris. This is just one of the many dangers you may face on the job.

There is a number of dangers as I said before so to start off one of the more important ones are when you are excavating for a building the danger of a cave in is very high. This is most likely to happen in situations where you haven’t excavated in an organized manner. Then a more obvious one is falling from high places. Always make sure the scaffolding or ladder you are using is steady and is not likely to collapse. The list goes on but moving on to bigger dangers, one of the biggest is when it comes to cranes. These are highly dangerous if not operated properly. Merely calling in crane accident inspectors after the damage is done is useless.

One of the most important things is that the operator always maintains a good line of communication with the people on the ground. That is to say, the people on the ground need to be aware and given prior warning before the operator moves something. This way they can make sure that everyone in the vicinity who could be in danger is moved out of the way or is at least aware of the danger hovering above them. According to crane accident inspectors, good communication is essential as miscommunication seems to be one of the main reasons behind most incidents of workers getting hurt. Another thing to look out for is that the operator could by mistake snag a power line which would electrocute him, so the operator must be very careful when moving the crane around.

So good judgment needs to be used when choosing an operator as these are not easy machines to use so the operator must have the necessary skills so as not to cause his coworkers any harm. Now, of course, it is understandable that in a job like this like I said the dangers could come from anywhere all we can do is prepare for the more commonly occurring situations and make sure that we do not put our self in harm’s way.

For an example, one must always be careful when using heavy machinery but if that machine suddenly decides to malfunction for some reason and blows up that would hardly be your fault. Or for instance, an earth quake strikes causing you to fall from a high place. These would be acts of God and there is nothing to prepare you against them all you can do is to always be careful as reasonably possible, as the saying goes better safe than sorry.